Married Man Kills Girlfriend & Pretends To Be Her Through Text Messages


There are truly some sick people in the world. According to BuzzFeed Newsa Pennsylvania resident who allegedly kidnapped his girlfriend and impersonated her while conversing with her family and friends has been arrested. John Matthew Chapman was charged with kidnapping, obstructing administration of law, and criminal use of a communication facility in connection with the disappearance of his girlfriend, Jaime Rae Feden, according to a police statement.

The report claims that Chapman confessed to driving Feden from Bethel Park, a suburb of Pittsburgh, to Las Vegas for a trip he told her was a vacation with the “potential of acquiring residence.” Police stated that Chapman confessed to later zip-tying Feden’s hands and feet to a signpost in the desert before duct-taping her nose and mouth which suffocated her. Bethel Park Police Chief Timothy O’Connor told BuzzFeed News that during his interview with police, Chapman said he killed Feden in Nevada.

Feden was reported missing Thursday by her family, who claimed that they hadn’t seen her since September 15. During a welfare check of Feden’s home that same day, crime scene investigators discovered her phone and a backpack with plastic zip ties and duct tape inside, according to CBS 2. “She was a nice girl, very low-key, not hyper or anything,” one of Feden’s neighbors told CBS 2. “She just wanted to be friendly with people.” The criminal complaint identifies Chapman as Feden’s boyfriend and says she had a “tumultuous” relationship with him. “A couple of other neighbors in our building said they heard arguing at different times, but I never experienced it first hand but he was a little odd,” neighbor Lane Clark said.

Chapman’s Facebook bio reads, “I’m a 39-year-old single guy from Pennsylvania. I’ve lived here most of my life. I’m always trying to meet new and interesting people.” However, local news WXPI reported that Chapman wasn’t single, and has been married for about a year. His wife, Maureen Chapman, found out about her husband’s “double life” and Feden’s alleged killing in a call from police Friday morning.