Maroon 5 to Sell Massive Batch Of Musical Gear On Reverb


The band will be selling over 200 used items on Reverb including guitars and microphones.

Maroon 5 and Reverb have announced that nearly 200 items from the band's accumulated musical gear — including guitars, microphones and keyboards — will be for sale through the online marketplace, beginning on Thursday (Aug. 30). 

The ficial announcement came on Tuesday (Aug. 28) and includes an email sign up so buyers can be the first to know when the shop begins selling items, as well as a preview everything being sold

All items were used either on stage or in the studio by the band, with some instruments dating as far back as the 2002's world tour in support  Songs About Jane.

Among the vast array are a chrome Shure wireless microphone Levine used during the 2007’s It Won't Be Soon Before Long Tour and a wide selection guitars, including a late Nineties Guild Bluesbird, a 2005 Fender Custom Shop Yuriy Shishnov Telecaster and several Floyd Rose guitars played by Levine and James Valentine.


“We used all this gear when we were kids, working hard to establish ourselves as a band. Now, we’re in a new phase and we need to clear out what we’re not using anymore to make room for the equipment that will help us create what comes next,” keyboardist and guitarist Jesse Carmichael said in a statement. “This gear was such a huge part  our story and I hope that it goes to an up-and-coming band or musicians who can make it part their own story.”

Maroon 5 will also be selling several road cases stamped with the band’s name. “I like the idea road cases being passed down through different bands,” Carmichael shared. “It’s nice to know that there’s some history there when you put your gear in a case that’s been all around the world with a band.”

With so many memories attached to the items, the band's goal is to inspire collectors and music enthusiasts worldwide to start their own relationship with instruments that already have a place in pop music history.