Marlon Wayans Says He's "Proud" Of Donald Glover For His "This Is America" Video


Childish Gambino’s latest music video “This Is America” has everyone saluting how amazing Donald Glover is, once again cementing the fact that he’s one the best multi-talented artists doing their thing right now. We just posted about Adele who congratulated him on his great work and now Marlon Wayans is following up on the trend explaining how proud he is the Atlanta creator.  

TMZ caught up with Marlon at the airport where he details how obvious his intentions the video are: “the mistreatment African American people and racism.”

“What’s beautiful about the video,” he says in the video below. ” Is that] it’s art and everybody has their own interpretation what that video is and that’s how you know it’s a good video – we can all interpret it as something else.” Marlon then jokes about Gambino’s dancing and how a stripper pole could have easily been added to the video. All jokes aside, the White Chicks actor says Childish is easily one the most talented people in the game. 

“The guy can do virtually everything. I’m proud him, proud him as a brother and a peer – I think he’s dope.” Watch the full clip below.