Marlon Craft Delivers Scathing ‘5 Fingers Of Death’ Freestyle: Watch


Marlon Craft is looking to cement his name with the lyrical assassins of the next generation. On the heels of releasing his Funhouse Mirror album in June, the Manhattan native stopped by Sway in the Morning on Monday (July 29) to deliver an impressive "5 Fingers of Death" freestyle. 

Boasting wisdom beyond his years, Craft gives his candid take on the state of American society. "Why we loving the culture, but not the bodies though/ We co-sign the oppression, purchase the trauma, yo/ Same country raised the roof raised Dylann Roof/ Shit, we murdered King and gave that kid Burger King," he raps.

The Knicks superfan is also well-studied in the hip-hop greats that came before him. "I grew up in the New York where we don’t play that/ These mothafuckers came for Shake Shack/ Fuck outta here/ Man, I’m like J.R. Writer-meets-mighty Mos/ Or if ’05 Cassidy was woke/ I’m the Hell’s Kitchen Nasir Jones/ With some of Kweli’s prose," Craft spits.

Sway quickly gave his stamp of approval to Craft's ability as an MC, which also drew high praise from co-host Heather B. "I been in the room with the greatest. I know the feeling," he stated. "In all the years we’ve done this, I don’t know when I’ve seen Heather B give somebody a pound after the verse."

Watch Marlon Craft's freestyle below.