Marlenà Taylor pontificates on love on her newest single "Wats Luv" [TWIB Premiere]


Rising rapper/poet Marlenà Taylor delivers a heartfelt message on her debut single titled “Wats Luv”.  Having made a smooth transition to making music, you can tell that she is deeply influenced by her spoken word background which makes for a vivid storytelling skillset. Over a somber soundscape, she dives into the topic headfirst with passion as she details her experience with an undecided lover. Far from seeking the listener’s sympathy, her aim is just for simple empathy from the audience. She is not sitting in the corner bawling her eyes out but rather confronting the situation immediately. The record features a vocal hook reminiscent 90s RnB era from vocalist Dee’John who spices it up and brings it all to completion.

She explains:

“Wats Luv is a very personal song after I decided to call it quits. I feel as women, we tolerate a lot but at the end it all every women have their breaking points and Wats Luv was my breaking point”


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