Mark Zuckerberg Gets Roasted By Congress & Twitter For His Haircut


The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, appeared before Congress this week where he was grilled about the company’s crypto-currency, political advertising on the site and more. It was a rough day for Zuckerberg, but it got even worse when Twitter users got a look at the billionaire’s haircut.

“This guy is worth billions. Why can’t he afford a good hair stylist? #Zuckerberg #auspol” said one user, succinctly summing up viewers’ sentiments. Others were slightly cruder. “Yo but who THE FUCK cuts Mark Zuckerberg’s hair??? they need jail time. his head is fucking BLASTED lmao,” said another user.

Even congresswoman Katie Porter called out Zuckerberg saying, “Mr. Zuckerberg, I know Facebook can be sometimes an unkind place, both toward my personal appearance and today apparently towards your haircut,” before beginning her line of questioning.

At another point during the day, representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grilled Zuckerberg on lies in political ads on the site. Zuckerberg continued to dodge questions while growing more and more flustered. She also went on to call Zuckerberg out for “ongoing dinner parties with far-right figures, some of whom advance the conspiracy theory that white supremacy is a hoax.” Check out her line of questioning below.