Mariah Carey’s Car Broke Down, So She Tried the ‘Obsessed’ TikTok Challenge: Watch


Mariah Carey is known to participate in the hottest Internet trends as of late, and on Wednesday (July 31), she kept the fun content coming. 

The superstar took to social media to participate in the recent TikTok challenge where people sing and dance to her song, "Obsessed." 

"The freaking car broke down on the way to Camp Mariah," she wrote in the caption. "So I decided to participate in the Tik Tok #Obsessed challenge… I lost!"

In the video, Carey is seen walking in the rainy streets with an umbrella. "There's this TikTok moment that's happening and I was hoping to get something with the kids at the camp today, but I don't even know if it's going to happen," she explains in the clip, referring to Camp Mariah, which is the Career Awareness Program, part of The Fresh Air Fund

"But they're doing this thing…So it's like," Carey says, before bursting into "Obsessed" with some serious dance moves. She doesn't get too far, though, before admitting that she's "screwing it up." 

"I totally forgot it because we're in the middle of the street, but I tried to do the challenge you guys! You win," she says.

Watch the fun clip below.