Mariah Carey Turned Into A Meme About Whisks & She Loves It: "Whisk Me Away Dahhling"


We’re not sure what’s going on here or who started this but Mariah Carey is the subject of a new Twitter thread that has people comparing her past outfits to colorful whisks…seriously. Almost every whisk that falls on the color spectrum is put to the test of matching to an outfit in Mariah’s catalog, and some are quite impressive. 

Some fans have even contributed a rainbow whisk to match a rainbow outfit, while others show a gold and silver whisk for Mariah’s more sparkly dresses. As for our favourite, it’s easily the “skinny legend” contribution that brings back an age-old meme of Mariah edited to look like a toothpick at the mic. 

Mariah has responded to the round-up of her whisk comparison outfits, clearly a fan of the roundup. “Whisk me away dahhling,” she captioned the thread. 

In other Mariah news, the Caution singer recently dropped off a revamped video for her track “A No No” this time featuring Stefflon Don – peep that video here.