Mariah Carey Sued By Former Manager For Civil Rights Violations


Mariah Carey’s erstwhile manager Stella Stopler was one her closest confidantes for a period time. Stopler was responsible for helping maintain the singer’s pressional and personal crises, alongside protecting her client against the vitriolic press who constantly aimed to taint Carey’s polarizing public persona. 

However, the two eventually parted ways in 2016 because the “We Belong Together” singer noticed her colleagues “didn’t have my best interests at heart. My new team, including manager Stella Bulochnikov are the top the line in the entertainment business and more importantly in my life and I am now much more financially successful and more organized than in the past.”

After two years silence, Stopler is now raising some pretty harsh allegations against Carey, who reportedly violated the U.S. Civil Rights Act and the Fair Employment and House Act, alongside a breach contract. Sources also claim that the lawsuit details a sizeable sum money that Carey did not pay Stopler, as well as some other non-fiscal issues.