Mariah Carey Responds To The Relentless "I Don’t Like Her" Banter


Labeling Mariah Carey as something of a pariah or polarizing figure doesn’t begin to describe the enmity she encounters on social media. And yet Mariah can still rely on the trusted hand of her day one followers who blink at nothing being posted about their Diva idol. Just yesterday, a series of posts centered around the words ” “I don’t like Mariah Carey” elicited one of her most ardent defenders to jump in the line of fire.

Mariah Carey Responds To The Relentless "I Don't Like Her" Banter

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Their response of “Not even being dramatic but ‘I don’t like Mariah Carey’ is literally the biggest turn off ever,” was retweeted by the singer who couldn’t agree more herself, inciting well over 200k of her followers to smash the like button and another 36k in retweets as of this writing.

The debate over Mariah Carey’s behavior has been a topic of discussion for some time now, with the general public dividing into several camps: her supporters, the detractors, and those who couldn’t be bothered (myself)…  although I am inclined to side with Mariah in light of the hoople talk that’s emerged.

Where do you stand on Mariah in 2019? For what it’s worth, you’ve got new music to reckon with, a spicy litigation battle with her ex-manager, and on the fair side of things, some fun-loving family interaction. Those who choose to pick on her “undiagnosed behavior” aren’t doing anything to further a positive agenda, so consider your engagement before you DO test the waters.