Mariah Carey Is Winning Netflix’s Song/Show Matching Game on Twitter


If you find yourself humming Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" every time you scroll by Always Be My Maybe on Netflix, you might not be alone.

Carey partook in a couple rounds of a match-a-Mariah-song-to-a-Netflix-show game Sunday afternoon (June 23) on Twitter, and you'd be hard pressed to top her first response.

"name a @MariahCarey song and I'll tell you the perfect thing to watch tonight," Netflix prompted on its official Twitter account Sunday (June 23).

"Let me help you out: Always Be My Maybe," Carey tweeted back. Acknowledging the brilliance of her comment, Netflix replied with an appropriate GIF of Always Be My Maybe star Ali Wong.

Carey may have come up with the ultimate answer in her first shot, but she wasn't done playing just yet.

Later, she jumped back in with another option: "I love this game! Can I get @TheCrownNetflix for We Belong Together? In honor of the Queen and her crown jewels."

"Whatever the Queen wants, she gets," Netflix replied.

Check out their Twitter banter below.