Maren Morris On Watching ‘A Star Is Born’: ‘I Had to Go to Therapy’


Maren Morris covers the June issue of Women’s Health, and the singer opens up about focusing on her mental and physical health. She also discusses the impact watching A Star Is Born had on her and husband Ryan Hurd.

Much like Lady Gaga’s character in the film, the Texas native got her start as a songwriter and later married another singer-songwriter.

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” she tells the publication of watching A Star Is Born. “I had to go to therapy. Not the substance abuse part, but there were things that happened to [Lady Gaga’s] character that happened to me. That movie rocked us both. We were like, ‘We can never end up like this. Cool?’”

The singer also reveals that she wrestles with anxiety before taking the stage each night. Now in the midst of her Girl: The World Tour, Morris will spend the majority of 2019 on the road.

“It’s stage fright. Some parts of it never go away,” she says. “When I get out there and relax into it, I’m fine. It’s a gift to sing well and make people emotional, so I don’t take it for granted.”