Marco Rubio Entertains Idea That Kanye West Could Become Next House Speaker


Senator Marco Rubio has revealed that anyone can assume the position as Speaker the United States House Representatives, a role that has no staunch pressional or political precedent. Since Paul Ryan announced that he will be stepping down from his post, paparazzi caught the once-hopeful Republican presidential candidate and asked him about his thoughts on who would be a worthy replacement for that illustrious title. 

Speaking with a cameraman in Capital Hill, Rubio addressed who could be appointed to fill the opening once Ryan retires from his duties. The politician reveals that the next candidate does not need to be already involved in Congress, or have any staunch political affiliations, much like current POTUS Donald Trump. 

While the House Speaker would be third in line for the presidency, which would require him or her to be at least 35 years-old, it is not particularly far-fetched that West would be able to nab such a title. The paparazzo proposes that the Life Pablo rapper could be a worthy candidate, an idea that Rubio does not outright refute. 

However, Rubio does admit that the Senate would have a preference for someone who is already within the House to be appointed for the soon-to-be vacant position, which could make it harder for West to gain legitimacy with a typically conservative group people.