Manila Luzon Reveals Her Dream Duet: Watch


Manila Luzon recently caught up with Billboard Pride to answer a handful of questions about herself, as she discussed which useful lesson she learned from her father, who her biggest supporters have been in her career, and which star she would love to duet with one day.

Asked which piece of advice got her to where she is today, Luzon tells Billboard Pride that thanks to her dad’s frugality, she can now buy all the shoes that she wants.

“I was able to save up a lot of money over the years of working hard so that I can buy myself cute shoes,” she explains with a laugh. “Now I can afford the cute shoes I want!”

Posed with the question of who, if anyone, loaned her a helping hand along the way in her career, Luzon replies that while she enjoys doing things on her own, she couldn’t have gotten to this point without help from her family, her drag sisters, her husband, and, of course, RuPaul.

“I just welcome all the support,” she adds. “And take all the help you can get.”

When asked who her dream duet would be with, Luzon names Barbra Streisand, who she once portrayed on “Snatch Game” and even once released a song about (“Barbra, Can You Hear Me?”).

“She loves doing duets,” notes Luzon. “Maybe we would fall in love. Maybe she could give me some advice on how to grow my nails out…I mean, I wouldn't sound very good next to Barbra Streisand, but I would still love to do a duet with her anyway. Maybe someone else can do the singing for me and I'll just do the lip syncing. How about that?”

You can check out the full video with Manila Luzon above.