Mana’s Rayando El Sol Tour Hits Miami With Rocking Hits and Songs for ‘Cantinas’


Maná’s Rayando el Sol tour officially hit the 305 with a sold-out show at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Friday (Oct. 25).

The Mexican rock band kicked off their live set with “Como Yo Te Deseo” at roughly 9 p.m. and continued with the party-favorite “De Pies a Cabeza.” “Está hasta los huevos!” frontman Fher Olvera told the packed house. “Le vamos cantar hasta Canada.” 

Maná kept everyone on their feet when they performed “Corazon Espinado” and “Oye Mi Amor.” About half an hour into the concert, the Latin icons dropped a string of heartfelt classics, including “No Ha Parado de Llover,” “Te Lloré un Rio,” “Bendita Tu Luz,” “Vivir Sin Aire,” “Te Solte la Rienda,” “Se Me Olvido Otra Vez,” and “Labios Compartidos.” Or, as Olvera proudly stated, “Canciones de cantinas.” 

Some highlights of the night included Alex Gonzalez’s five-minute drum solo, Olvera dedicating “El Reloj Cucu” to everyone who’s lost a loved one, and using a large elephant on stage to make a statement about Earth, animals, and humans before performing “Donde Jugaran los Niños?”

As the night wrapped up, Maná, who has a 33-year long trajectory, performed other rocking hits such as “Clavado en un Bar” and “Rayando el Sol.”

“We’re all immigrants, we’re all from here,” Olvera said to his fans before closing off their Miami show.

On Instagram, Maná shared photos of their show at the AAA and expressed the following: “Thank you, Miami. What an incredible audience for such a special night. THANK YOU for the strength and good vibes.”

Maná's Rayando el Sol tour continues Oct. 27 in Atlanta, Nov. 15 in San Antonio, Nov. 22-23 in Los Angeles, and Nov. 27 in Sacramento.