Man Cancels His Own Family Because They Don’t Have Social Media Followers


If you’ve recently scrolled on Instagram or your social media platform of choice you may have come across the viral video of a young man named Larz who was a recent guest on The Dr. Phil Show. The clip that’s grabbed the most attention of Larz’s interview with Dr. Phil sees the 20-year-old explain how he’s cut his family off due to the fact that they don’t have enough social media followers. 

“Can anyone tell me what I would talk to my mom about?” Larz responded when asked just why he won’t talk to his mom. “She’s not going to be making me relevant.” Currently, Larz has 27.4K Instagram followers and his YouTube has 7.43K subscribers. Larz made it clear to Dr. Phil and the audience that he believes his family is “irrelevant.”

“None of them have followers. If they got followers or got rich I’d probably talk to them again,” he added. Of course, people have taken to Twitter to sound off on the interview with one user writing: “imagine being a registered therapist and counselor and choosing to exploit and fuel Larz’s fake behavior for money and views…. Dr Phil has been a fad since Bhad Bhabie.”

Watch the full clip below.