MAMP to Launch New Latin Music Library Called Alvani Tunes: Exclusive


Máximo Aguirre Music Publishing Inc., founded in 1992 in Los Angeles, is one of the most successful independent Latin music publishing companies in the U.S., with more than 10,000 copyrighted works representing more than 25 music catalogs from all over Latin America.

Now, it’s expanding its services and expertise in Latin music by launching Alvani Tunes, a production music library dedicated to authentic Latin sounds from around the world, Billboard can exclusively reveal.

“With more than 40 years of experience working in the Latin music market, it became evident that the entertainment and advertising industries needed one go-to music library to simplify the selection process,” explained Máximo Aguirre, President of MAMP and Alvani Tunes in a statement. “Music can make all the difference in a film or commercial and can open creative opportunities to reach new audiences; clients now have ready access to a vast Latin Music library and experts that can help them find exactly what they need.”

The Alvani Tunes music library took more than two years to build, thanks to many producers, artists, musicians, consultants, agents, institutions and experts worldwide, ensuring maximum quality music and production value. Adding authenticity to the library, the music selected is produced in its country of origin.

“One look at the library will reveal our total focus on quality, originality and variety,” said Aguirre. “We’ve worked diligently to deliver a one-stop solution for organic and authentic Latin music.”

Alvani Tunes, which aims to be the Latin music library of reference for the world, will assist music supervisors, producers, advertisers, and creators in finding the appropriate song or music to fit their project by offering a searchable library, personal guidance and consultation, or by creating a customized song specific to the project.

Many companies and brands, such as Netflix, HBO and Walmart, have used songs featured in the music library to supplement their shows, films and commercials.