Mamamoo’s Wheein Releases Poignant Single and Music Video ‘Good Bye’: Watch


Wheein of K-pop girl group Mamamoo returned on Wednesday (Sept. 4) with her latest solo single “Good Bye,” a sweeping pop ballad through which she evocatively sings about a forlorn love.

Fronting Soar, the singer’s first-ever solo single album, “Good Bye,” or “Let’s Break Up” as it reads literally in Korean, is a poignant track that rises and falls with Wheein's dynamic delivery of the song, as soft rock instrumentals build the melody up around her powerful vocals. 

"Good Bye" was released through a heart-rendering music video that depicts a rare representation of same-sex love in K-pop. Featuring a woman entering the home of a couple, she treats it as if it’s her own and play-acts being in a relationship, while becoming enraged and destroying signs of the pair being together, seemingly out of jealousy.

At the end, as she flees the home after they arrive home suddenly, it is revealed that she’s not in love with the male but the female lover, recalling a similar last-minute reveal of queer love in the music video for K.Will's 2012 "Please Don't." 

Throughout the drama of the music video, scenes of Wheein are spliced in as she emotively performs the song, with her impassioned tone matching the emotional fluctuations of the music video’s main character.

Watch Wheein’s “Good Bye” music video below.