MAMAMOO Hit New Peak on World Digital Song Sales Chart With ‘Gogobebe’


The group’s second-week rise shows the boost a K-pop act can get with a full week’s worth of chart activity.

Despite only a short amount of time to earn sales, MAMAMOO's "Gogobebe" and accompanying White Wind album made a splash on the charts last week but only with a full week of chart activity has the K-pop act shown their true impact.

The quartet's new single "Gogobebe" rises to No. 2 on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart this week, up from No. 12, giving MAMAMOO best-ever position on the chart. The celebratory R&B-pop anthem sold an additional 1,000 downloads in the week ending March 21, according to Nielsen Music. Meanwhile, the song had 1.5 million U.S. streams in the week, up 396 percent from the week before (where it previously posted 295,000 streams).

Previous to "Gogobebe," MAMAMOO had hit as high as No. 3 on World Digital Songs with their 2016 single "You're the Best." To date, MAMAMOO has earned 10 entries on the ranking with three Top 5 entries.

Meanwhile on World Albums, the ladies see White Wind jumping three spots to No. 5, from last week's No. 8 position, to give the group their third Top 5 entry on the album. So far, White Wind has sold 1,000 downloads to date across its two weeks on the chart. The group has landed seven entries on World Albums to date, including two other Top 5 entries in 2017's Purple EP (that hit No. 1 and is the group's only chart-topper to date) as well as 2019's Red Moon EP (which peaked at No. 4).

Notably, MAMAMOO's second-week rise shows how beneficial a full week of chart activity can be for a K-pop artist. 

Both "Gogobebe" and White Wind were originally released on Thursday, March 14, leaving just hours until the Billboard charts closed for that week on Thursday evening. While both the album and single did bow on World Digital Songs and World Albums (at Nos. 12 and 8, respectively), having a full week of charting activity saw significant increases across the board. For all sales-based charts (ranking both albums and tracks), Billboard and Nielsen changed the chart reporting period in 2015 to cover the first seven days of an album's release based around the global release date of Fridays.

While releasing on a Friday is not yet common for Korean acts for a number of reasons — including the local chart systems as well as the common schedule to holding press-conference showcases and performing on music programs — as the scene continues its international growth, there is reason to believe these artists could be more competitive on a global scale by being cognizant of things like the global release date.

Watch MAMAMOO perform standout White Wind track "Waggy" in animal onesies during this performance from Korean music program M Countdown: