MamaDear Does Some Front Porch Pickin’ On Feel-Good ‘Steal Away’: Exclusive


Country trio MamaDear heads out of town for the video for its new single, “Steal Away,” which Billboard premieres exclusively today (Sept. 16). With stirring harmonies, a driving beat and feel-good storyline, MamaDear captivates on “Steal Away.”

“As a band, we try to be all about honesty, harmonies, and storytelling, so anytime we [write] a song that ties all of those things together, it’s a really good feeling,” Kelly Bradway tells Billboard

The band penned the upbeat tune with Stephanie Chapman, who brought a “fun energy” to the co-write. “That day, we were particularly stressed from the music business and life in general and she had the title ‘Steal Away’ and we immediately connected with it because we all wanted to get out of town,” Dan Wilson says. “We just tried to capture that feeling of letting yourself rest from reality and true rest is always found being surrounded by the ones closest to you.”

The video for “Steal Away” features the trio playing on a front porch and in a field outside of Nashville. It’s a fitting location, as the band formed while seated on a front porch in Tennessee five years ago. Directed by Quinton Cook, the lighthearted video for “Steal Away” captivates the song’s sentiment and the trio couldn’t be happier with the final product.

“We felt like it came together and matched the song exactly how we wanted it–showing us getting out of town, away from the craziness, and enjoying life,” Parker Bradway explains. “Kelly found this incredible cabin outside of Nashville that let us film on their front porch and we also got so lucky with the prettiest sunset I'd seen in years. It added such an amazing glow that night that Quinton Cook, our videographer, was able to capture perfectly.”

The video for “Steal Away” is below.