Maluma Flaunts His 'Dirty Boy' Side in Sexy Photo Teaser For New 'Mala Mia' Video


Maluma is done being the “pretty boy." Now, it’s time for the “dirty boy” to come out and play. The Colombian superstar has been teasing his fans lately with the release his upcoming single “Mala Mia,” a song which he has said was made with “all his heart.”

The 24-year-old urban singer first took to Instagram to share a preview the song while he danced to it on a boat, and later teased the video on Tuesday (July 24) with a sexy black and white photo seven scantily-clad models in a bed.

“I’m not going to lie, I missed that malicious side ‘dirty boy,’” he wrote, assuring fans that he’s very happy with the song and that the upcoming video, which is currently being filmed in Miami, Fla.

On his Instagram Story, he also talked about upcoming projects. “I’m very happy with all the projects on the way. The song with Reik called ‘Amigos con Derechos,’ ‘Clandestino’ with Shakira, and ‘Mala Mia,” which will come out when you least expect it,” Maluma said.

While we wait for all these projects to come to life, check out “dirty boy” in action below.