Mally Mall Rape Case Dropped Over Lack Of Evidence


Hip hop producer Mally Mall has one less court case to worry about. Mall was under investigation for allegedly raping a woman from Texas, but due to insufficient evidence, prosecutors are dropping the case. The reported victim told police that she corresponded with Mall and he offered to buy her a plane ticket from Texas to California. She claimed the purpose of the two meeting up was because Mall was going to help her produce fitness training videos.

However, she stated that once she arrived in the Golden State, Mall supplied her with copious amounts of alcohol and forcibly raped her. TMZ reported that they received information that Mall did know the woman and she did spend a weekend with him, but anything that happened between the two was consensual. Mall later said that the woman was trying to extort money from him.

Following last month’s raid on Mall’s Los Angeles home, he was accused of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and illegally importing exotic animals. Many of his pets were taken by officials and Mall reportedly won’t be getting any of them back. Mall has denied allegations of wrongdoing, but three Nevada prostitutes have made claims that they were working as escorts in Las Vegas through Mall’s company.