Making A Murderer's Brendan Dassey Petitioning For New Ruling


“Based on a true story” – and any other cliches along those lines – have really resonated with viewers, particularly these past couple years. It seems like more and more tv shows and movies are trying to showcase what our world is really like; for better or for worse. Netflix’s Making a Murderer took the world by storm because its dedication to pursuing the truth.

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The show followed the case Steven Avery and his sexual assault conviction. It was documented over the span 10 years and had a keen eye for relaying details. After fans were on the edge their seats in 2015, Brendan Dassey – Avery’s nephew – and his legal team are looking to open the case back up. He was sentenced to life in prison for being an accessory to the rape and murder Teresa Halbach.

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Dassey’s lawyers are petitioning for the Supreme Court to reassess the case, likely because he was 16 years old at the time conviction. Evidently, this disheartening case continues f-screen. Over the course the 10-episode series, viewers watched the up’s and down’s the trial. Many describe the series as an uncomfortable watch, as if holding up a mirror to the society and seeing a grotesque, but accurate, reflection. This case has definitely shown us a darker side to humanity. We should learn more about the case in late spring according to Dassey’s legal team.