MAJ & 24KGoldn – 2Drunk


Former YouTuber turned artist MAJ has released his second single “2drunk (Feat. 24KGoldn),” housed on his forthcoming debut project MAJestic, his label Electric Feel Records, whose roster includes Post MaloneBuddy, etc.

On “2drunk,” with an afrobeats-esque influence, listeners find a relatable and a melodically-sprung MAJ, who floods his feelings of heartbreak with a party filled with marijuana and liquor — ultimately leaving him and 24KGoldn wanting to ditch the event with other women, but finding themselves “way too drunk to drive.”

MAJ, who’s ditched the YouTuber life and fueled his music career with his social media fame and virality, introduced the upcoming project with his first single “Come Here” in April 2019, followed with “Trial & Error,” and his July 2019 release, “Tesla.”


Previous releases also include his 2018 breakthrough tracks “You and I” and “Sloppy Seconds,” produced by Juice WRLD producer Nick Mira. Notably, the tracks spawned over 5M total streams within a year’s time, solidifying his place in the race.

Born in Pine Bluff, TX and now based in Dallas, MAJ began his career in entertainment back in grade school, performing in musicals as a child. Following his parents’ divorce, he withdrew and soon found a new outlet in launching a YouTube channel. On it, he began posting reaction videos to songs and albums from Tyler, The Creator to Nirvana, gathering over 4M views in a few years — all the while, MAJ began quietly recording his own tracks. Soon enough, his subscribers would learn how dynamic he truly was — this after making his debut with “Leave Me Alone,” which quickly saw 100K streams, followed with meeting and working with Nick Mira, then going on to release each of his aforementioned 1.5M-streamed breakthrough tracks. 
Since, MAJ has signed to Electric Feel Records, whose roster includes Post Malone, Buddy, and several multi-platinum producers and songwriters. Since then, he’s released three singles – “Come Here“, produced by 1Mind (French Montana “Unforgettable”) & Di$, and “Trial & Error,” produced by Mike Crook (Blueface “Bleed It”) & Jaasu (Rich the Kid, Famous Dex) and “Tesla” produced by Mason Sacks & Jaasu. Attributing to his early success is MAJ‘s emotionally raw and authentic lyrics, which remind listeners that “somebody is actually here for them.” He adds, “For me, music means something. Most of us are a little lost right now. If you hear me, I hope you know you’re not alone afterwards.”