Magic Johnson’s Wife Says He Has "No Regrets" About Leaving Lakers


Over the last couple of days, Magic Johnson has dominated the news cycle thanks to his decision to step down from the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, the Lakers had no clue that the decision was coming. It was a surprising decision, to say the least but when you look at just how bad the Lakers have been, it’s not exactly shocking that he would want to get out of dodge.

There have been many reactions to the decision and last night, Johnson’s wife Cookie spoke to TMZ about her husband. For Cookie, their family just wants what’s best for Magic and that they’re glad he’s doing what he feels is right.

“Just know that [Magic Johnson] is happy and we’re happy for him,” Cookie said. “No regrets.”

During a press conference on Tuesday night, Magic told reporters that he would no longer be working with the franchise he loves.

“So today I’m going to step down as president,” Johnson said. “I don’t wanna…[team owner Jeanie Buss] and I have such [an] amazing relationship. I think that she gave me full power to do what I wanted to do, but I think that with her and I, I want to always preserve our relationship and love her. I think that I had more fun when I was able to be the big brother and ambassador to everybody.”

Magic’s decision will not only affect the players but the coaching staff as well.