Magic Johnson Still Talks To The Lakers Every Day: "I’m Going To Help Them


Before the last game of the Los Angeles Lakers season, Magic Johnson dropped a bombshell on everyone by announcing that he would be leaving his position as President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers. It was a decision that many didn’t see coming, although with the team failing to miss the playoffs once again, perhaps it wasn’t too surprising. Johnson has been a part of the Lakers organization since he was drafted by the team in the early 80s, so it’s really no shock that he has been involved with the team in numerous capacities off of the court.

In a new interview with TMZ Sports, Johnson explained that despite quitting his job, he is still very much a part of the Lakers organization and that he still talks with management and the players.

“It’s almost like I never left,” Johnson said. “I’m still talking to them every day. … I’m going to help them get the Lakers back right.”

Johnson was even asked about LeBron and his role in the whole thing. As far as Magic is concerned, LeBron will be the one to bring the Lakers back to glory.

“I love LeBron and LeBron is going to lead us to a championship,” Johnson said.

As long as Johnson doesn’t get any tampering fines, the Lakers will definitely welcome his input on the team.