Magic Johnson Confident LeBron James Will Bring Lakers A Title


Calling LeBron James’ first season with the Los Angeles Lakers a disappointment would be a bit of an understatement. There were big expectations placed on the franchise with the addition of James, except they ended up with a 37-45 record and missed the playoffs. Since the season came to an end in April, there have been various reports of the Lakers wanting to trade LeBron, while others say the superstar is unhappy with the team’s management. Despite all of this, former Lakers president Magic Johnson believes the king can turn it around.

While appearing on ESPN’s First Take to discuss why he left the Lakers, Magic gave LeBron a glowing review, saying he’s certain that the three-time NBA champion can win his fourth in L.A.

“It’s gonna happen,” Johnson said. “Just like me going back to my business and doing what I’m doing, LeBron’s gonna win that ‘ship. He’s going to be in that room recruiting.”

Johnson also took the opportunity to talk about his alleged betrayal at the hands of Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka. It’s yet another development in a Lakers season that has been shrouded in controversy and incompetence. Maybe LeBron will want to rethink his tenure with the Lakers after this recent interview.