Maggie Lindemann Wonders Where All Her Friends Went On Ska-Tinged Track: Listen


Singer Maggie Lindemann has made a name for herself as a pop singer over the last few years, but on her latest track, she brings a funky new vibe, trying out a different sound.

Lindemann's “Friends Go,” out Friday (March 22), is a ska-saturated track that wouldn’t be out of place on a 1995-era No Doubt album. Lindemann laments the loss of her lover and her friends, but assures herself that they won’t be gone long. “I’m all by myself/ Where did all my friends go?/ I miss you like hell/ I know you’ll be back, though,” she sings.

In an interview with Billboard, Lindemann said that her love of pop-punk and ska hasn’t been represented in her music before, so she wanted to create a track that offered something new to her fans. “I love No Doubt, Panic! at the Disco, but I also love my pop music,” she says. “So I wanted to give all of that kinda in one, my own take on it. This songs vibe feels like the most me, I’m really excited about it.”

Plus, that guitar you can hear on the track? That's Lindemann playing, a first for her in her career. “I didn’t play in my earlier songs but have been playing electric and acoustic in my sets, which has been such a fun change,” she says. “It took some time for me to get to a point where I was ready to really be myself and create the sound that I wanted, versus what I thought people wanted from me.”

The new song is part of Lindemann’s next project, which she says will include “a lot” of new songs, a string of videos and a brand new tour towards the end of the year. She’s even teaming up Blink-182’s Travis Barker for a remix of her new track. “That’s gonna be INSANE,” she says.

Check out Maggie Lindemann’s new track “Friends Go” below: