Mafalda Has Eyes on the Past in ‘Look Away’ Premiere


New York singer-songwriter Mafalda dips into her analog memories in the visual for her latest single “Look Away,” available exclusively on Billboard below.

The delicate-but-stirring tune encourages reflection in its stillness, but the visual brings out the more awe-inspiring and melancholic aspects lurking at the fringes of the song. The lyrics strike a personal note as Mafalda grapples with the unattainable past while the accompanying video illustrates that struggle with an unbelievable experience to always remember.

“My debut EP Daisy Chain is a collection of stories, some personal, some observations… ‘Look Away’ is about the bittersweet feeling of remembering beautiful moments with the unfortunate realization that they will never come back,” Mafalda tells Billboard. "It's that same feeling you get when looking through old home videos of happy memories that you couldn't quite remember. That's why we went with VHS for the format, which really emphasizes the notion of reminiscing for me.”

The gritty visual aesthetic works perfectly to tie together the bittersweet nostalgia laced into the unmistakably intimate song. Director Symone Ridgell, along with a notably all-female crew, captures Mafalda as a vision dancing in the light of a scenic backdrop, constantly serving as a reminder to stay present and enjoy the moment before it slips away.

“Look Away” comes from Mafalda’s debut EP Daisy Chain, which arrived independently in June.

Check out the visual for “Look Away” below.