Madison House Hires Three New Agents, Opens New Northern California Office


Brian Swanson, Brent Tactic and Chris Palmer will manage the new office in Pacific Grove.

Booking agency and management company Madison House has expanded with the hiring of senior agents Brian Swanson and Brent Tactic, and junior agent Chris Palmer. Madison House co-founder Nadia Prescher also announced the opening of a new office in Pacific Grove, California, near Monterey.

"The landscape has changed enormously," Prescher tells Billboard. "Anyone who has been in the business a few decades has certainly seen a massive shift in the number of independent agencies operating in North America. Twenty-three years later, we still pride ourselves on owning an agency that focuses on our independent spirit — one that continues to benefit our clients," adding, "Our longtime clients are key to us, as well as new artists whose careers we are passionately building amid the ever-changing trends in the touring landscape."

The opening of the Pacific Grove location brings the number office operated by the company to five — Madison House is based in Boulder, Colorado, Adam Bauer's office is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jordan Burger's office in Nashville and a new office in Oakland, California that opened in February and is home base for Sahil Mehta.

Swanson previously worked at Paradigm, Monterey International, Proton Productions and his own shop Hello! Booking which lasted six years. Swanson will operate the Pacific Grove office and is bringing a number of agents to Madison House including Smash Mouth, Spin Doctors (including solo dates of Chris Barron and Eric Schenkman), Alan Doyle and more.

“The move to Madison House couldn’t feel more natural for me and the artists I bring to the fold,” Swanson tells Billboard. “The energy I’ve witnessed since we started talking has been mind-blowing.  This is about open mindedness and embracing someone’s vision, whether it’s on the artist side or the agent’s side. I have known Nadia (Prescher), Jesse (Aratow) and Adam (Bauer) for longer than I care to admit, so walking through these doors kind of feels like coming home, or finally arriving at the place I need to be. Everyone has embraced my approach, because it is their approach. Sign great artists, make the right decisions, don’t forget about the details. It is a simple mantra and simple mantras work. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. It’s going to be fantastic!” 

Tactic joins Madison House from Rogue Agency where he worked for five years, representing dozens of dance acts. He is currently based in NYC and will eventually work out of the company's Nashville office.

Palmer will serve as junior agent supporting Swanson’s roster and building his own slate in the coming months out of the Ann Arbor office. Palmer previously worked with Swanson at Paradigm for six years.

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Madison House Hires Three New Agents, Opens New Northern California Office