Machine Gun Kelly Wants To Be Happy Without "Pills, Drinks, Or Drugs"


Ohio-bred rapper Machine Gun Kelly is having trouble in his own mind after finishing off his most recent tour. The star musician and actor is detailing his plans to work on himself now that he has some extra time, hoping that he can eventually find happiness. It’s a battle for many people who deal with mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, and MGK’s sentiments will come off as extremely relatable to some.

Machine Gun Kelly Wants To Be Happy Without "Pills, Drinks, Or Drugs"
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

He took to Twitter to tell his fans that he’s trying to get completely clean, wishing that one day, he can find happiness without using drugs, alcohol, or other substances. “I want to become happy without the help of pills, drink, or drugs one day,” wrote the “Candy” artist. “I want to wake up and know what mood im going to be in. fans gave me so much love this tour it made me want to become a happier person. I’m determined to do it. thank you, i love you.”

The message is positive and uplifting, although it still focuses on the difficulties in MGK’s life. After receiving tons of support from his fans worldwide, Kellz knows that he’s got to work on himself to be a happier person each and every day. The good thing about this is that he appears to know what he needs to do to reach that goal. Good on Machine Gun Kelly. Wish him luck.