Machine Gun Kelly & Pete Davidson Put Their Friendship To The Polygraph Test


The bromance between Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson is real and the pair recently hooked themselves up to a lie detector to prove it. In a Vanity Fair special, they each took turns asking the other questions while one was strapped up to the polygraph machine. Davidson decided that he wanted to question his friend first. “Are you worried that you might incriminate yourself during this interview?” Davidson asks while smiling. “Absolutely,” Kelly responds, holding in his laughter. The rapper started things off admitting that while he doesn’t watch Saturday Night Live every week, he always makes sure to catch Davidson’s segments.

Kelly also was telling the truth when he said that he thinks Davidson is an equally talented standup comedian and actor, and that he’s never “fake laughed” at any of his friend’s jokes. There were also some gems that included how much weed they smoke, if they’ve done anything illegal, and if Kelly has ever seen Davidson naked.

When it came to Davidson’s turn, Kelly seemed to go easy on his buddy. The SNL star did go into detail about his recent outing with Kid Cudi and Kanye West, saying that he didn’t even know that ‘Ye was going show up. Davidson also said he’s way more smooth when it comes to flirting that Kelly, but as a pair, they know how to pick up chicks. Also, Davidson has no problem admitting that he’s a “way better” person now that he’s rich.

These two seemed to be honest with each other throughout, however, there were a few lies in the mix. Check out the chuckle-worthy clip to see who wasn’t being truthful below.