Mac Miller’s Producer SAP Says The Rapper Put Out A Full Career Worth Of Music


There really aren’t that many artists who’ve died as a young age but still managed to put out a high volume out music within a short period. In 2010, Mac introduced himself with the project, K.I.D.S before following it up with his first charting project, Best Day Ever which included his first Billboard Hot 100 hit, “Donald Trump.” SAP, the man who produced the beat, continued to work with Mac Miller over the years. 

In a recent interview with DJ Booth, SAP spoke on the legacy of Mac Miller and the rapper’s musical output. The producer explained that he felt Mac Miller’s fans weren’t left with a scarce amount of music to remember him by.

“It’s so many records that I have, I don’t even know the projects they’re from,” he said. “I feel like he was somebody that put out everything that needed to be out, you know? I feel like he gave the fans the right music. I’m sure a lot of fans want more Mac music, especially if he’s your favorite artist. I think he gave the fans a good amount of work,” he continued. “The stuff he put out, that’s a full career for somebody else.”

SAP also reflected on the impact Mac had on him personally. “Donald Trump” was a track they made on the first day they met. As they continued to work together over the years, SAP credits Mac for believing in him and helping him tap into his potential.

“I would say that: maximizing my potential. He was somebody that just always made you excited about things. He had crazy ideas and he always tried to bring every idea to life,” he said. “If you hear his projects, he went for a different thing each project. He was so good at reinventing himself with each project he dropped.”