Mac Miller Gets Groovy With House Band for 'Ladders' Performance on 'Late Show': Watch


Mac Miller teamed up with The Late Show house band Jon Batiste and Stay Human on Monday night (Aug. 13) for a funky run through the song "Ladders" from his new album Swimming. Sporting his always-present baseball hat and a bold, orange ombre shirt, Miller started his performance slow and steady before launching into a spacey and slightly funky groove fueled by horns, stellar keyboard and bass lines.

The bright, upbeat jazzy sound from the resident band contrasted with the message the confessional track, which touches on Miller's realization that making mistakes feels good, even if the high it gives him is short-lived.

The always chill MC rapped about trying to face himself and find a way to break through his temptations with lines including, "Somehow we gotta find a way/ No matter how many miles it takes/ I know it feels so good right now/ But it all come fallin' down/ When the night, meet the light, turn to day." By the end the song, as the horn section built up to an ecstatic din, Miller broke into a little foot-shuffling dance even as it seemed like he might have lost his internal struggle to rise above.

Check out the full performance  "Ladders" below.