M.I.C. – Oh So Clean


Born Mikál-Alexander Smith, the Bronx bred music artist who goes by the alias, M.I.C. (an acronym for ​Money I’m Countin​​) is looking to build his own Hip Hop empire. Thanks to his family upbringing, M.I.C. was naturally drawn to music and was always intrigued by the creative process creating.

In recent years, M.I.C. has created, and continues to refine his music and sound, which he describes as “a mix smooth, slick and aggressive vibes.” And his first fering the new year is just that. Currently working on new music, M.I.C. fers an ficial re-release his late 2017 single, “Oh So Clean” – which was never properly released. Getting on the right foot in the new year is essential for M.I.C. who plans to release a fresh body work this quarter.

“Oh So Clean” is an oxymoron in itself as it is defined by both smooth and aggressive musical elements that give the single a subtle yet boldly sexy vibe.