Lykke Li's 'Utopia' Video Is An Immersive, Heartfelt Meditation On Motherhood: Watch


Lykke Li has shared a Mother’s Day-themed video for her new song “Utopia” from her forthcoming album So Sad So Sexy, due June 8th on RCA. It features home footage Li at home with her mom as a child, as well as a present-day Li with her toddler son.

In the description the video, which she debuted on May 12, Li wrote, “MOTHER TO MOTHER TO MOTHER. Utopia is all my mother ever wanted for me and all I ever want for him.”

The homespun, straight-from-the-heart footage that Li used in the video is telling; it’s clear that Li is after a feeling that cuts a little deeper than your usual Mother’s Day platitudes. You can watch the generation-spanning video for “Utopia” below.