Lupe Fiasco’s Upcoming ‘DROGAS WAVE’ Album Is a “Long” Concept Album About American Slavery


Lupe Fiasco canceled two 2017 albums following the release DROGAS Light, but that doesn't mean he's done making music or retiring from rap. 

In a brand new interview on h Live!, a program on Malaysian television station Astro Awani, the Chicago MC revealed that his forthcoming full-length DROGAS WAVE—his seventh album in total and the first since his ficial divorce from Atlantic Records—will be a concept album about American slavery.

“My ancestors in America were slaves, who came from Africa. This album is kind speaking to that, talking about that experience. But in a mythological way,” Fiasco explained. “I don't want to give it up now… but it's talking about it with a supernatural spin.”

Fiasco didn't want to spill all the beans about his new album, but he did confirm that the project is slated for release before the end 2018, it will be “long,” and production will be handled by Symbolyc One (aka S1), Soundtrakk and Damian Marley, among others.