Lupe Fiasco Says in Making His New Album He Created His ‘Illmatic’


Lupe Fiasco has made some amazing albums in his career. Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor and Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool lay in the hallway of Hip-Hop masterpieces, but his next album, which he made in just one day, is supposed to be his Illmatic.

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“It’s my illmatic…” Lupe teased fans with online. He would double back to say the honor belongs to he and his producer Soundtrakk.

“I’m not at all exaggerating either….,” Lupe said in a double back.


On Monday, Lupe Fiasco announced the new album, which he aimed to create entirely from scratch in just 24 hours. “Finna do an album from scratch in 24 hours… I song in… 9 to go…,” Lupe wrote on Twitter. “Late time I did this Stack was alive.”

As of 7 am on August 9, Lupe was 3 songs in and giving a countdown.