Luke Combs Loves Solving Puzzles and Planned to ‘Be a Homicide Detective’ Before His Music Career Took Off


Luke Combs visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday evening (Nov. 4), where he chatted with the late night host about his musical journey. He also performed two songs off his upcoming sophomore album What You See Is What You Get, which drops Nov. 8.

During their chat, Combs admitted that he initially had plans to be a homicide detective before his music career took off. His passion for solving puzzles made its way into his career as a songwriter.

“My major was criminal justice,” Combs told Kimmel. “I wanted to be a homicide detective. But if you noticed, I don’t actually have the physical build of a police officer necessarily. I think solving the puzzle was the intriguing part to me, which is what I love so much about writing songs. It’s a puzzle that has no pieces, so you make the pieces and then you have to put them together and that’s the thing that I enjoy so much about writing music.”

Following his interview with Kimmel, Combs took the stage to perform his poignant single “Even Though I’m Leaving” and the rollicking drinking song “1, 2 Many.” Both songs are featured on What You See Is What You Get.

Combs’ interview and performances are below.