Luke Cage Season 2 Gets Release Date & New Trailer


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known to bring audiences in to theatres despite being able to stream the movies months later. Their television installments have been equally successful, with shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones being celebrated for their direction. With Jessica Jones season 2 out later this week, Marvel announced that Luke Cage‘s second season will be arriving on Netflix on June 22.

The last time we saw Luke was in the Marvel team-up series, The Defenders. Between his time on that show, and his adventures on his own eponymous tv series, he’s proven himself to be an unwavering force power. The teaser rightfully begins with, “Yo, I’m Luke Cage” and the superhero begins to highlight his invulnerability. Whatever was thrown at him, he’s been able to triumph over it. “You wanna test me? Step up. I’m right here,” he proclaims.

The video’s YouTube description mentions that a “formidable foe” will test Luke’s resolve, and make the hero question the role the hero and villain. With Jessica Jones on its way, it may shed a light on Luke’s situation in the meantime. Harlem’s own Luke Cage hits Netflix this summer.