Luis Fonsi Joins Google to Raise Funds for Small Businesses in Puerto Rico


Luis Fonsi has joined a new campaign to continue helping Puerto Rico. On this occasion, the Puerto Rican superstar teamed up with Google to announce the spotlight campaign for Puerto Rico, Billboard has learned.  

Nine months ago, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, and since then, the revitalization has been very slow and services still unreliable. Google's campaign, which initially generated $ 1.5 million for hurricane relief, is now relaunching, but this time, the company will match up to $2 million — meaning it could raise $4 million in aid for Puerto Rico, with emphasis on economic recovery small and medium-sized businesses and tourism.

Fonsi, who according to Google is the first artist to join the campaign,  made the ficial announcement on his social networks. Alongside the “Despacito” singer, Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda will also pen a letter and serve as a spokesman.  Also artists will be joining the movement.