Luis Enrique Sheds Light On Nicaragua's Unrest with Powerful Video for 'Mordaza': Watch


One the largest protests in Nicaragua's history took place on April 18, 2018, also marking the deadliest civil conflict since the end the Nicaraguan Revolution nearly three decades ago.

What began as several protests against the social security reforms decreed by President Daniel Ortega, spiraled to almost an entire country demanding his resignation due to the government’s repression and massacres during the demonstrations. Nearly five months and over 200 deaths later (as reported by the OAS), the fight for a Nicaragua libre continues.

Using his voice, platform, and manifesting solidarity, Nicaraguan salsa singer, Luis Enrique penned “Mordaza” (Gag), a song that shines a spotlight on the current socio-political situation in the Central American country.

“I can’t remain indifferent to what’s happening in my country and it shouldn’t happen anywhere else,” he said in a press release about his single, co-written by Yadam and featuring Nicaraguan rapper Erick Nicoya. "Mordaza is a song that denounces injustice, but with an empowering attitude. It is a song that calls for rescuing the solidarity and strength that each person can have when rising against injustice and the violation fundamental rights in a country."

The video, directed by German Garcia in Ex Convento Desierto de los Leones in Mexico City, shows an innocent woman dancing around a room before being followed, tortured, and abused by two masked characters. The ending shows the woman escaping and finding the light as a sign positivity and strength.   

The powerful visual artistically portrays the reality that Nicaraguans are living under in the Ortega era. With lyrics that claim justice and freedom in every line, such as “Que sea el azul y blanco nuestro color/ Y que no vuelva a correr la sangre de mis hermanos,” ("Let our color be blue and white/ And let not the blood my brothers run again"), “Mordaza” has become an empowering anthem for Nicaraguans living in the country and in the exterior.

Watch the video below.