Luis Enrique Rallies Against Nicaraguan Government In New Single 'Mordaza:' 'We're Tired Of Your Violence'


Nicaraguan singer/songwriter Luis Enrique has long infused his music with his personal experiences. But his newest song, “Mordaza” (Gag), takes things to a different level. 

Released today (June 29), the track directly addresses the recent massacres by government forces in his native Nicaragua and protests the government president Daniel Ortega. 

“It’s my way manifesting solidarity, but also, to tell the world what’s happening in Nicaragua,” Luis Enrique told Billboard. “History is repeating itself for us, but much worse than we had it with Somoza. We’ve seen 285 unarmed people killed since April. This is the story the strongman who kills anyone who doesn’t agree with him,” said Luis Enrique, referring to the shooting unarmed civilians — including students and mothers — who were peacefully marching to protest the government in April and May. 

Co-written with Yadam and featuring Nicaraguan rapper Erick Nicoya, “Mordaza” is a call to action. 
Se oye el clamor de un pueblo 
Que como un río viene creciendo 
Un corazón pulsando contra el poder que sigue oprimiendo
Un batallón de amor que ha perdido el miedo 
Lucha por la justicia y por sus derechos 
Oye no más

“You hear the roar a people, growing like the river/ the beating a heart against power that oppresses; a battalion love that’s no longer afraid fights for rights and justice.”

Ten percent the song’s proceeds will be donated to organizations helping victims. Listen to “Mordaza” here: