Ludacris Talks Tyrese, "Fast & The Furious" & More On The Breakfast Club


If you only know Ludacris for his work in the Fast & The Furious saga, you might need to do some reevaluation. The legendary Atlanta rapper was at the forefront the Dirty South movement, leading the charge with albums like Back For The First Time, Word Of Mouf, & Chicken And Beer. At a point, “Move Bitch” became part the cultural lexicon, applicable in various everyday situations. Today, Chris Bridges himself graced the Breakfast Club with his presence, in order to promote the upcoming season  Fear Factor. 

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As Luda’s comedic chops are storied, it’s no surprise that the interview sets f on a lighthearted note. Between the banter comes actual insight, for those interested in Ludacris’ upcoming moves. He immediately clears the air regarding rumors that he and Tyrese landed an upcoming Fast & The Furious spin-f movie. “Absolutely not,” he responds. When Charlamagne questions why Tyrese would have lied in the first place, Luda is quick to showcase his integrity. “That’s my brother so sometimes when he puts things out there, it’s okay for me to you know retract certain statements, and give it from my perspective.”

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Spin-f talks in abundance. “We had numerous discussions about it,” says Luda. He reveals they put out some social media feelers regarding a Tej and Roman spinf, but there were never any ficial talks. For more from Cris, be sure to check out the full interview below.