Ludacris & Timbaland Take It "Back To Basics" In The Studio


Timbaland has been working like a man possessed of late, and the Shock Value legend has officially brought Ludacris into the fold. Though it’s unclear to what end the pair are working, it would appear that the creative spark has been lit. Taking to IG, Luda shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse at their recent studio session slash meeting of the minds.

“You got all these n***as flows, but it all started from…” Timbaland proceeds to gesture toward Ludacris, one of the game’s unsung pioneers. “The videos, now everyone wanna do the bubble limbs.” Luda chimes in with a few fellow influencers, adding Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott to the equation. “Ya’ll started a whole segment,” marvels Timbaland. “What’s next?” ponders Luda. “Taking shit to a whole other level.”

Ludacris & Timbaland Take It "Back To Basics" In The Studio

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Timbo proceeds to queue up a new instrumental, heavy on the woodwinds. The beat immediately catches Luda’s attention, and the DTP founder proceeds to lay down a few flow-stencils off the dome. As he picks up a potential candidate, Ludacris gets out the phone and begins capturing a melodic skeleton. “Yeah that’s crazy,” remarks Luda, upon laying down enough of a foundation to build on. While it’s hardly a concrete preview, it’s still an interesting look into an artist’s creative process – flow first, bars later.

Here’s hoping Luda and Timbo can recapture some of their earlier magic, which includes tracks like “Phat Rabbit, “Rollout,” and “One Minute Man.” You excited to see these legends link up in the studio?

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