Lovelyz Reflect on ‘When We Were Us (Beautiful Days)’ in Refreshing New Music Watch


K-pop girl group Lovelyz are back with their newest single, “When We Were Us (Beautiful Days).”

Released on Monday, it's the first release from the eight-member act this year. A bright and airy synth-pop track with quirky retro synths, "When We Were Us (Beautiful Days)" soars with Lovelyz members' expressive vocals, overflowing with sweet harmonies and dulcet verses. The nostalgic song, which translates to “The Days When We Loved Each Other” in Korean (“그 시절 우리가 사랑했던 우리”), relays a fond sense of reflection about the past.

The ambient dance track fronts the group’s sixth EP Once Upon a Time, which was also released Monday.

The single was shared through a captivating music video that features the eight women of Lovelyz interacting with nature and elegant settings as they sing with smiles on their faces about the past, sweetly urging their past love not to forget the positives about their time together. Interspersed with the solo shots are scenes featuring the group performing fluttery choreography, first in sporty black-and-white looks and then in elegant sea-green outfits.

Though the lyrics directly relate to romance, the music video itself emphasizes how the “Beautiful Days” also relate to Lovelyz and their time together.

Along with the single, the new album features five other songs, and relays Lovelyz' typical upbeat, romantic styling through its fairytale-inspired music.

Watch the music video for the new Lovelyz song "When We Were Us (Beautiful Days)" here: