Lovelyz Enjoys the Summertime in Beachy Music Video For 'Wag-Zak': Watch


Korean girl group Lovelyz returned with a special summertime track “Wag-Zak” on Sunday (July 1).

With a vibrant tropical house beat and a breezy melody, “Wag-Zak” bounces along rhythmically towards its refreshing chorus and the sudden pronouncement the titular phrase. Also known as “A Piece Summer,” the bright new song follows April’s “That Day” from the act, and is their first seasonally-inspired single. 

The music video for “Wag-Zak” shows the members Lovelyz hanging out together on a resort, enjoying games, cocktails, water gun fights, and more. It's both playful and flirty, a perfect fit for the girl group as they grow into their own femininity and step away from the school girl inspirations they originally started out with, such as what they put forward in their 2015 hit  “Ah-choo.”

The video for “Wag-Zak” doesn't feature any dance scenes from the members, but does include several moments where the women show some choreography for “Wag-Zak” as they stare into the camera.

An eight member group, Lovelyz released “Wag-Zak” with only seven singers, as Jin is taking a break due to health issues. The act was formed by Woollim Entertainment in 2014, and has seen three songs break into the Billboard Korea K-Pop 100 chart since its inception last year.

Watch the music video for “Wag-Zak” here: