Lovelytheband Raise Awareness About LGBTQ Discrimination With ‘Maybe, I’m Afraid’ Video


Lovelytheband has released a video for their song “Maybe, I’m Afraid” to help raise awareness for Beyond I Do, a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about LGBTQ discrimination in the United States and creating protections against said discrimination.

The stirring video follows a young man throughout his life, showing his constant struggle with his sexuality. After the subject dates multiple women and battles depression, the video flashes forward to show the significantly older star on his wedding day, as he marries another man while his family looks on proudly.

“Lovelytheband is proud to support our LGBT family and friends,” a statement at the end of the video says. “LGBT Americans shouldn’t have to be afraid they’ll lose their jobs or homes, just because of who they love or who they are.”

The new video comes weeks after Lovelytheband broke Billboard’s Alternative Songs longevity record with their song “Broken.” The song remains on the chart, and has spent 74 weeks there, making it the longest-running song in the chart's history, ahead of Rise Against’s “Savior.”

Check out Lovelytheband’s video for “Maybe, I’m Afraid” below.