Lovely Mimi Says She’s Innocent Of Drug Charges & Was Targeted By Security


Social media influencer Lovely Mimi is clearing up reports that she was arrested weeks ago on drug charges. We previously reported on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star being taken into custody at Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino in Cherokee County, North Carolina after security officers claimed that she dropped an undisclosed amount of ecstasy pills on the floor. However, in a video, Mimi said that security found one pill outside and blamed her because they were watching her on casino cameras the entire time she was there.

“I woke up one morning and the blogs are writing that I’ve been charged and I’m banned from Murphy, North Carolina casinos,” Mimi said. “Well, all the Harrahs. So, I’m like, okay. What is true and what is not. First off, they sicced the whole blog. I am banned. I did get charged. But I am innocent, okay. I didn’t no nothin’, I ain’t have nothin’. I don’t know why wrote all that into [specific] detail.”

“What had happened was, I was sitting there and I was playing and I go to the bathroom,” she continued. “Come out of the bathroom, there’s like four, five po pos around me. And they said that they got me on video recording, that I dropped something. Mind you, outside. Said there was one pill dropped outside. Now, who has time to find one pill outside, not in the casino??? Outside of the casino. They found one pill outside and they linked it to me. I said ‘I don’t know what it is, it’s not mines.’ They claimed to have video that I dropped it and they said that if I don’t tell them what it is, they were going to detain me.” 

She said she then asked them what color the pill was and they told her it was blue. She claims she said it could be Viagra or Aleve, but she asserted she didn’t know what the pill was. The officers tested the pill and detained her anyway, but she said she wasn’t in there for long. Check out Mimi sharing her side of the story below.