"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Stars Mimi Faust & Spice Quarrel Over Skin Bleaching Drama


If you’ve been keeping track of all the dramatic storylines taking place on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta right now, you’re well aware of Spice’s current gripe, facing lots of controversy over her decision to bleach her skin to further her career. This all links back to last year when promotional photos showed the Jamaican singer in white-face after supposedly bleaching her skin to appeal more to an American audience. Spice is convinced that the reason she hasn’t reached a larger market in the States is because of her dark skin and the entire journey has been chronicled on LHHATL. During a recent episode, Mimi Faust tried to talk some sense into her when she gave up, yelling passionately at the artist and disagreeing with her at the end of the day. 

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Stars Mimi Faust & Spice Quarrel Over Skin Bleaching Drama
Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Spice attempted to explain the point she was communicating through her “Black Hypocrisy” video to Mimi, saying, “I believe that some, not all, some black people are very hypocritical.” She digs deep into her history book to offer an example of “Black Hypocrisy,” speaking about black women who straighten their hair. Mimi says that most of them are still promoting the fact that “black is beautiful” but Spice wasn’t having it.

“But you’re taking out the reality,” said Spice to Mimi. “Nobody wants to talk about it. But me, going through it as a darker skin, I feel like I need to use my platform to talk about it. Not everybody is strong enough to take the bashing.” 

After claiming that society has put in place a system that makes it easier for lighter-skinned women to succeed in the world, Mimi Faust loses her cool, saying that the people who are really on her side are going to think she’s selling out. Spice fights back by reminding Mimi that she has lighter skin, noting that she has more privilege than her.

Watch the video below.